About J*B*

About J*B*

There is nothing cuter than a dog’s fuzzy butt. And the most beautiful sound is a cat’s purr. I know. I’m obsessed. But at least it’s a healthy obsession, right? Right?!


Pets have always been in my life, ever since I was born. In fact, my very first memory as a child is playing with our Siberian husky’s favorite toy. Our husky, Korok, was clearly annoyed that I had his stuffed hedgehog, but he let me play with it anyway. He did not growl, snap, or bite. He simply just stood there and watched until I was finished drooling on his precious toy. Then, he carefully picked up his possession and placed it on his bed. This gentle giant wanted his toy so badly, but would never hurt me. I think that is when my love of animals began.

Back in Baltimore, Maryland, I earned a degree in Advertising and started my career in the Publishing world. After three years, I left my corporate job to pursue my love for animals. I learned how to groom dogs, and then managed a national pet chain. There, I developed and ran an Events program that helped many local animals find great homes and families.

Now I am living in Arlington, Virginia and working as a freelance writer. Animals and writing are my two loves, so I figured why not incorporate both?


Jordan (JoMama) — It’s weird. It seems like the only one who loves this cat is me. My friends don’t like her. My family doesn’t like her. My husband doesn’t even like her. Hmmm… maybe it’s because she likes to bite them suddenly when they are petting her. Perhaps it is because she enjoys waking people up at 2:30 in the morning by eating their hair. Oh, it may be because she enjoys spilling glasses of water over while you are sleeping. Well, whatever the reason is, too bad. My little JoJo ain’t going anywhere. I love her beautiful green eyes and the way she always has to put her big ole butt in my face when she lays on top of me. Everyone calls her the little a-hole, but who cares! She loves me and I love her. Deal with it.

Roxxy (Little One) — The cutest, sweetest, most cuddly cat ever. Period. When we first saw Roxxy at the shelter, she was all tail. She had the tiniest little body and the bushiest tail. So that earned her the nickname “Little One.” And that’s now what we call her. Honestly, all this cat wants to do is eat, poop, and cuddle. When I am feeling down, she automatically cheers me up because when she cuddles I know I’m loved. Okay, okay, I know that’s sappy, but she is so friggin’ cute! Dumb as dirt, but so friggin’ cute.

Scout the Border Collie — What a dog. It was love at first sight between my husband and Scout. She was in Cage 22 at the local Animal Control, and on her last day. (In Baltimore, the county only gives adult dogs four days. Then, comes the Big Sleep. Horrible, isn’t it…) So, my husband put a whopping $10 down and Scout was our new baby. When she first arrived at our home, we went out for dog food and she destroyed our blinds. We went out the next day for soda, and she destroyed literally every book in the house. It literally looked like a hurricane hit our living room! Needless to say she was a bit anxious. But with time, compassion, and lots of pets and love, Scout came around. She was once terrified of people. Now she loves them. (Well, except the Comcast Cable Guy. She detests him.) She attacked every dog she met. Now she only attacks the bigger ones. She would never let us touch her butt. Now she absolutely love ass rubs! She has come a long way and we love her with all our hearts. That crazy dog!

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