About LaLa MaMa

About LaLa MaMa

** LaLa MaMa is taking it easy and slowly, caring for her family’s aging and sick with-hip-dysplasia German Shepherd. **

I, La, am just like a lap dog, myself; pampered and bratty yet cuddly and loving. I’m quite discerning with whom to give affection or respect to, but dogs (and animals in general, and oh, yeah – trees) have my heart, easily. They’re the best, truest people on Earth. Yes, people! Dogs are better than people, generally. Most dogs are better than most people. (I must get repetitive, yes.)

I define family in my own way, and I have to include “the babies.” Forget little snotty kids–dogs are – and always will be – my children. (One small perk is that these babies allow me to share the love of a family, while still living the single, free life! [Not that I’m not lookin’ for a man!])

With my writing here, I like to be take the sensible side (as much as I’d love to focus on frilly puppy tutus, I will follow my pets’ personalities, as seen below). I often write about health care and animal causes, and I also like to use my talents and interests to write stories, surf the web for sites, and find/post cute pictures! I even designed our logo pup after my Charlotte!


My baby in the family is our little Bichon Frisé, Charlotte. She’s a little overweight from her obsession with OUR dinner and “cookies.” (My father spoiled her when we got her, and hey, I was 12.) She loves to cuddle and sleep in. Throw in a little romp up and down our hallway–repeatedly, after some good adventures in the backyard, and these are the only things she needs to stay happy. She knows how damned cute she is and that we adore it, and all the attention helps, but I suspect she takes that for granted. The little diva!

My sister is an old German Shepherd Dog named Tasha (Natasha). She is the sweetest girl to all people, but she hates other dogs–aside from Charlotte, her late best pal, Devil, and Bibby, whom Tasha played with until growing too big. Then Bibby became Charlotte’s playmate!

Tasha becomes increasingly sicker as the months go by, with hip dysplasia and allergies that affect her skin. We try everything to help her, but new problems keep arising. I know she has her joyful moments and loves to be with us, so we’re all sticking it out, together.

Charlotte … I wouldn’t be surprised if that little bright ball of rascal-enthusiasm outlives us all!

Their respective Styles:

Although I would love to impose my own style wishes on doggies, it just won’t fly with these girls. Charlotte, because she’s been known to get a little rough & dirty, is a little more rugged than fru-fru. By no means, though, would she touch the punk scene! She’s a practical beauty. Tasha is about function, comfort & playtime with a plethora of toys!

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